Year 3

Our Year 3 Class is taught by Mrs McDonagh, supported by Mrs Nuzzo and Mrs Langley.

This year our Year 3 Class is called Elliott Class.  It is named after the author Zetta Elliott.  She is an author who writes poetry, plays and stories for children.  She was born in Canada but now lives in the US.  She has written a book called ‘Dragons in a Bag’. You can find out more about Zetta Elliott  on her own website –

Below you will find an overview of Year 3’s learning this year.


Y3 English Curriculum Map 2023 – 2024

Y3_Maths_2023_24_LTP_Year 3 PoS

Year 3 foundation curriculum map V4

Year 3 – Reading List

Year 3 and 4 spelling list – words your child should know by the end of Year 4

Middle school times tables – Tips to help you support your child’s learning in times tables